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Are you looking for the best BTC mixers? Look no further. We have reviewed the most trusted services, so you can easily choose the one that suits you most.

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How Do We Rate Top BTC Mixing Services?

We comprehensively test and rank each Bitcoin blender app based on several factors such as fees, privacy, security, and anonymity. We’ll tell you which crypto tumblers to avoid and which services you can trust. By exploring our reviews, you will have a safe and secure crypto shuffling experience and know your BTC is untraceable.

Step-by-step guide

How to Make Your Bitcoin Anonymous


Step 1

Turn on your favorite VPN or proxy service


Step 2

Open your Bitcoin wallet


Step 3

Create a few new wallet addresses (A, B, C)


Step 4

Send your coins to the new address A


Step 5

Then send the coins from address A to the mixer service


Step 6

Send the coins from the mixer to the address B

Crypto tumbling

What is a Bitcoin Tumbling Process?

Bitcoin tumbling, also known as coin anonymization, laundering, shuffling, blending, or mixing, involves employing the services of a third-party provider to sever the link between the address that sent the Bitcoin and the address (or addresses) receiving it.

You can anonymize any bought BTC from your true identity through Bitcoin blending. When you send your assets to a Bitcoin mixing platform, you pay a tiny fee for such a service. You will receive an anonymized amount of coins from other participants at your new address after the specified time (you can set a custom delay).

Essentially, crypto-tumbling services facilitate the transfer of your deposited coins to your secret identity, thus ensuring enhanced confidentiality of your crypto assets.

How to choose the best crypto tumbler?

Switching to the Best Crypto Mixing Service

The most trustworthy crypto mixers have some features that make them efficient and secure. Here are the main of those:

mixing algorithm
Mixing Algorithm

One of the main features of reliable BTC tumbler is sophisticated mixing algorithms. It includes random mixing of transactions, random delay in processing requests, and different mixing schemes such as CoinJoin or TumbleBit.

privacy assurance
Privacy Assurance

The most reliable cryptocurrency blenders do not store transaction logs, support data encryption, and do not require user registration. It allows for a high level of privacy and protection of personal information.

multiple outputs
Multiple Outputs

Secure cryptocurrency tumblers allow you to create multiple outputs, making tracking the mixing process more challenging. It means that bitcoins are sent to various addresses after mixing, making their origin harder to determine.


Generally, the most reliable BTC shufflers offer high anonymity and security for Bitcoin transactions, ensuring privacy and protecting users' personal information. They use sophisticated mixing algorithms, zero-log policy, and allow the creation of multiple outputs, making tracing the origin of coins nearly impossible.